Collection: LAUMIERE 2023 Release Tension

The title of this body of work is “Release Tension”

The collection is based on her work experience as an office wear designer, she felt that conventional lines to emphasize the woman’s body curve restrict their movement and feel uncomfortable. This project is about the aesthetic of looseness, showing a draped silhouette as experimenting with the tension of the fabric.

We developed a ‘stretchy seam-line’ that opens the seam by making a Rib knit textile - Diamond shape, Hidden dart shape, Linear shape).

Also, by playing with stretchy materials and knitting, we’ve got many chances to make a variety of silhouettes. It became to make creases naturally following the body shape, not tighten the body.

This exploration inspires us to design more kinds of lines harmonious with the overall fluid silhouette by subverting basic lines in clothes.

We focused on the women who know essential attitudes, Elegance and Comfort in modern society.

Body. Earth. Mind

We take proper care of them.


LAUMIERE 2023 Release Tension